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Software Testing

When a company's business and operations become digitalized, it starts to develop or integrate more website, mobile applications and legacy backend systems. For each development or integration process, how to ensure that each change meets the quality requirements, begins to become a difficult problem, especially in the limited time and lack of IT talent resources, it is more difficult to arrange staff on the system testing.

Improve system quality

Our technicians pay attention to detail and follow the test procedures accurately to ensure the quality of the test.


Functional Testing

We will understand your software features and requirements, and then develop into different test cases, and conduct manual testing based on each case.


Compatibility Testing 

We'll help you test the software in different browsers, phone brands or operation system versions through an emulator to ensure that the functionality works properly on different devices.


Issue Tracking 

We will record test cases and results in EXCEL or project management platform (e.g. JIRA, Redmine) to facilitate issue tracking and verification of test results.

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