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About us

Awareness and acceptance of autism in society is still limited, and people with autism are still stigmatized, or even rejected and discriminated against, which often leads to a lack of job opportunities for young people with autism. According to a questionnaire survey completed by Heep Hong Society in 2018, less than 50% of the respondents were able to maintain a job for more than one year, reflecting the difficulties of autistic youth in finding employment.

Due to this social situation, we set up WorkforLife Limited Company.  Through our knowledge of autistic people and our experience in information technology, we hope to train young people with special educational needs/autism spectrum disorder to become professional technicians and hire them to provide information technology services to local clients. We also hope to help them build up a good self-image, improve their quality of life, reduce their dependence on government resources and successfully integrate into the community.

Our Team

We come from different backgrounds, with different experiences and abilities, but we all share the same belief that we want to do our part to give each life the opportunity to shine in the way it was meant to be lived.

Wanna to know what services we can provide?

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