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Document Digitalization

Document Digitization  is not a new topic, but there are still many companies or organizations that have not been able to take full advantage of the benefits of document digitization. Some of the reasons are the lack of strategies to organize the large amount of paper documents in the past, and some of them is due to the lack of IT manpower and knowledge, so they have not been able to continue digitizing documents and are facing the risk of being eliminated due to the rapid market demand.

Enhancement of digitization capacity

Our technicians are able to provide you with technical assistance on the accuracy of the details of repetitive processes.




It helps to scan your  documents into electronic files, and with OCR technology, it transforms data that was previously difficult to extract into valuable data.


Re-organizing and Indexing

Reorganize all past or existing documents and electronic folders with labeling, tagging, and keywords information to facilitate search and maintain a more structured paperwork operation.


Document Management System

Different level of document management systems plan and option are available to choose from, storing electronic filing and other indexing, labeling and annotation information in the system, and providing future support and maintenance services.

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